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Theory Comprehensiveness: Humanistic, Behavioral and Cognitive

Please help with the following problem. Include references in the solution.

Could you please help with a brief explanation of the comprehensiveness for each of the following theories?
1) Humanistic
2) Behavioral
3) Cognitive

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Three Theories
1) Humanistic - the theory of Humanism centers of the self and the satisfaction of needs. The two greatest proponents of this theory were Maslow and Jung. Maslow's theory was a classic study of the need for self-esteem that graduated to self fulfillment. This meant that certain areas of a person's life had to be rewarded to be able to move one to another more elevated position. Humanism is used now extensively in counseling as a tool to help people to reveal more about themselves. This method often involves reflective ...

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The following posting compares and contrasts humanistic, behavioral and cognitive theories. Brief explanations are given for each. Concepts discussed include the psychologists Maslow and Jung. References are included in the solution.