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The system implementation process

What are the key steps in the system implementation process? Why is it important to plan forward address organizational resistance to change?

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The key steps in the system implementation process are:
Forecasting is an important metric used to project success is meeting deadlines and the completion of tasks on schedule. It is critical that the project manager uses an accurate and realistic project plan using sound forecasts and estimates. To create an effective project plan tasks need to be broken down into more detailed steps to assess the level of effort involved. The project manger would need to account for external factors that can impact the completion of tasks such as meetings or outages.
Configuration Management: This is a means to define the standards and processes by whcih a project manages and controls changes to various work products such as documentation, deliverables or application code. Configuration management allows the project to validate the version and completeness of configuration items. It also addresses factors such as coding standards and naming conventions to enforce unformaity across project deliverables. A configuration management process must be correctly applied so that organizations may keep design and process related requirement clear , concise and valid.
End user involvement: End users (those who will be utilizing the system) and ...

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In this solution the steps to the system implementation process are outlined. The solution also explains why it is important to paln forward to address organizational resistance to change.