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    Shark cartilage

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    the purpose of use shark cartilage
    how do they use the shark cartilage?
    Proteins- capsules-powder
    no plagiarism please

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    Shark cartilage is a dietary supplement made from the cartilage of a shark; the tough material that forms the shark's skeleton. Shark cartilage is claimed to combat and/or prevent various illnesses such as psoriasis , arthritis and certain eye conditions. It is most commnly used as a cancer treatment. Shark cartilage is used as a supplement to cancer therapy to help improve the appetites of cancer patients. It is often marketed under the names BeneFin, Cartilade, and Carticin. A derivative of it named Neovasat was tested by Aetna Zentaris as an angiogenesis inhibitor and showed promising results in animals. The benefits of shark cartilage have not been scienctifically proven and it has not been reviewed by the United States Food and Drug Administration. In 2004, the FDA stopped the advertisement of shark cartilage products as a cure for cancer.However many ...

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