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    Public Healthcare

    Public health care is financed from a publicly managed fund to meet the cost of all or most health care needs. Public health care provides access to the whole population contributing to the fund or receiving benefits from it. When taxation is the primary method of financing health care, all eligible people receive the same level of cover regardless of their financial circumstances or risk factors.

    Countries that have a publicly funded health care system also often have a parallel private system for patients who hold private medical insurance or who pay for treatment themselves. Those who can afford it have access to treatment and comforts that may not be available to others.

    Public health insurance plans represent a significant aspect of the public sector financing. Many countries have mandatory health insurance plans to cover basic medical services. Public health insurance is not completely comprehensive in its coverage, it tends to cover only basic or medically necessary services. This includes most primary and secondary care services such as visits to the family physician and specialized hospital care.

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    Public health ethical dilemma

    There are issues in public health that pose ethical dilemmas because it is necessary to weigh the concerns of both the individual and the community. Describe an example of a public health ethical dilemma. What is the primary public health interest in this example? Your answer should be substantive and should have a citation.

    Quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research plans

    Health disparities are a growing concern in the U.S. There are also a significant proportion of people with limited or no health insurance which may prevent them from receiving adequate health care, medication, and the use preventative measures such as exercise and diet. How would you address this issue? develop an abbreviat

    National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services

    The National Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) Standards in Health and Health Care serve as a guide to advance and sustain culturally and linguistically appropriate services within organizations. Review the CLAS Standards and identify one that most resonates with you, or is most relevant to your interests

    Three Goals to Strengthen Professionalism

    Professionalism in public health involves valuing a commitment to lifelong learning and professional service. Outline three goals that one should strive to achieve that will help strengthen and improve one's professionalism skills.

    Public health professionalism

    Describe professionalism in the context of public health. What skills, attributes, and behaviors are expected of the public health professional? What distinctive characteristics of public health would be necessary to implement in order to fully support your community? Please give respond with a substantive posts that FULLY answe

    ethic values leaders

    Values can be a rich source of leader effectiveness data. Most values and personality measures lack validity evidence. Most organizations consider financial performance the number on indicator of leader effectiveness, focusing solely on financial outcome. In your opinion, how valuable are financial outcomes in measuring effect

    Cohesive Collaboration and Conflict

    Cohesiveness is an important key to collaboration, but its disadvantages must be seriously considered because they sometimes outweigh the advantages. Define and compare cohesiveness and collaboration. Discuss methods to help build a cohesive team without building disadvantages. Conflict is the natural by-product of human comp

    Public health policy change

    Describe an issue or problem in public health that could be addressed with a policy change, including: 1. Who or what is affected by the current state of affairs and in what way? 2. What needs to be done differently to improve the problem/issue? 3. What type of policy (i.e., city/county/state ordinance, business/organiz

    Ethics and culture differences

    How do personal values, morals, and ethics influence decision making? (Consider your upbringing, your family structure, your socioeconomic status, your community, and your own personal experiences). How do these factors influence your decisions? How might they conflict with the needs, preferences, and biases of your patients and

    Policy Implementation

    Chapter 6 in book: Health Policymaking in the United States, 5th edition; Beaufort B. Longest, Jr. Question 3: Discuss the effects of a policy on its own implementation. You need to include a reference as to where you obtained information. It should be detailed answering the question. Only needs to be ONE page. Please refer

    Healthcare Policy

    What motives demanders and suppliers of health policy in the marketplace?

    Managed Care Organizations

    MCOs You are a new physician setting up your own practice in a new town. You are researching the different MCOs offered in your area and are considering becoming a physician for one of these networks. You have also invited the sales representatives of several health plans to speak with you about the benefits of choosing their

    Healthcare delivery model evolution

    Health care delivery models have evolved overtime. What events, social, demographics, economic, political, environmental, governmental triggered the various models of healthcare to come and go? Answers (still formulating but wanted to get started sending something). Events - 3 Main (Preindustrial; Postindustrial and Manag

    Health Promotion For Healthy People 2020

    Why has Healthy People 2020 targeted the identification of social factors as a priority in its national health promotion campaign? How does this health promotion campaign communicate the role of social justice as part of its mission?

    Health Care Reform and Finance

    Research at least two articles about the current health care reform package and answer the following questions. How it will be financed? The economic effects based on the failure of this plan? Include APA citations for your two articles.

    Public Health Law

    How do organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization enforce public health law? Support your response with a specific example. One-sentence responses are not appropriate and will not receive full credit.

    Rule Making

    Discuss the necessity of rule making and the role that interest groups play in it.

    Public Health & Health of Community & Ethics

    In terms of ethical principles and the policies that serve as the bases for public health laws. What about public health being about the health of the community (versus medicine which deals with the individual)?

    Public Health: Access & Results

    I need help with the following question. Going beyond a discussion of cost/funding with public health spending? What about access? What about community programs and results?

    Environmental Hazards: Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)

    Topics: Significant Episodes in which an Environmental Hazard Caused Adverse Health Outcomes in Humans Three Major Historical Events in Environmental Epidemiology On the basis of your research, readings, and understanding of the above topics, answer the following questions: Which environmental hazard, such as the polluta

    Public Health Care Laws, Reform & Costs

    In terms of cost, is Public Health Law in need of reform? As part of my assignment I was asked not to use the Affordable Care Act as a position. Can you help with finding another position with this topic? Thanks in advance.

    Illegal Immigrants - Health Governing

    Identify a current health controversy that is being addressed by the governing body of North Carolina (i.e., health insurance for illegal immigrants). Consider the perspectives of both the opponents and supporters of this issue, state the reasons for their positions, and provide your own personal opinion as to how the overall he

    Minority Population - Demographic Trends

    Study the population trends in North Carolina. For example, what are the rates of increase or decrease in minority populations, various age groups, and immigrants? What problems and opportunities do these trends suggest for health educators/promoters? Suggest some programming ideas to meet the needs of the shifting population.

    Future of Technology in Education

    Look ten years into the future and predict how educational technology will be developed and used. Remember to include satellites, fiber optics, Internet, personal recognition devices, and the vast array of personal devices available. Include applications to classrooms, worksite, and distance learning. Consider the effects of tec