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Objectives, Goals and Outcomes

What is the purpose of an objective and what are the key elements of an objective? What are the differences are among objectives, goals, and outcomes?

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Objectives are things that you wish to achieve in said amount of time. They are more specific than goals and are, often, easier to meet. Some healthcare objectives include minimizing expenses, outsourcing, expanding hospitals, minimizing records errors, etc. Objectives in school, for example, are what you will learn or expect to learn, whereas goals are what you would like to learn. Albeit objectives and goals are similar, objectives are brief and concise and will "aim" at the desired outcome. Goals are statements about general aims (or what you want to accomplish) that are broad and often have a "long-range" outcome. Both objectives and goals lead to outcomes, but the ...

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This solution explains, in detail, objective, goals, and outcomes. It provides the student with an actual example of a mission statement and gives sample objectives/goals/outcomes.