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Advise to a overweight friend

Your childhood friend has been overweight ever since you knew him. He is a kind and gentle "big" guy, who is now 28 years old and is about 25 pounds overweight. Otherwise he feels he is "healthy." He drinks a cup of black coffee and a donut or Danish for breakfast. He usually grabs a burger, fries, and a large coke for lunch. Dinner is usually frozen dinner and more sodas. He does not eat snack, as he usually is too busy at the office. He also seldom drinks water as the office supplies coffee and tea to employees. He does not drink alcohol or smoke. He seldom eats fruits and vegetables. He has recently been introduced to a woman whom he thinks is "the one." This woman observes healthy lifestyle. He would like to get to know her better and does not think that she would be much interested at his present physical state. He wants your advice, as he knows you are taking a nutrition course.

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As a person taking a nutrition course and based on the case scenario, this solution provides advise to a give to overweight friend.