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    Nutrient Drug Interaction

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    Nutrient drug interactions:

    Have you come across questions or concerns about herbal or nutrient drug interactions? Think of an example of yourself, or someone you know.

    How were your questions or concerns addressed?

    Did you find reliable information?

    Where, in your experience, does the public turn to for information on supplements?

    Do you think healthcare professionals have met the challenge of helping people find suitable nutritional supplements?

    This needs to be in APA format with references.

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    Nutrient drug interactions:

    A situation that can bring concerns about herbal or nutrient drug interactions could be the following.

    My mother's friend called my mom after going to the doctor for a rash. She had gone to the beach and 30 minutes later she developed a very bad rash that made her go to the ER. She told my mother that the dermatologist said it was a side effect of taking St. John's Wort. She knew my mother took this herb and was wondering if my mother had noticed any problems.
    Of course, my mother asked me and I said I did not know but that I would look into ...

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    The solution addresses common concerns regarding herbal or nutrient drug interactions. It gives samples of situations where this may surface as a problem and where to find reliable information on this topic.