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Interpret a graph on Norovirus

I was asked to review this review this graph and interpret the results, given the research that is available for Norovirus and long-term care facilities. I know that there is a correlation between seasons and Norovirus (i.e. the winter months- Nov. Dec. Jan. and Feb). However, in this graph there is only outbreaks prevalent in Nov. and Dec. I am also aware that for the data collected it was the first time this survey was utilized, so possibly those who collected the data were not used to the survey structure, and knowledge of how to implement the survey. Including this information can you see any other points that can be inferred from this graph (keeping in mind that it should be mentioned that this is the first time this data was collected, and that seasonality is only partially seen). Also, do you know of any papers that provide back up for this graph, and how it can be utilized in explaining this graph.

I appreciate any help you can offer..


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