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    Leadership and Leadership Style

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    Please help me get started on this assignment..

    1. How would you describe Sir Richard Greenbury's leadership style?

    2. Was his leadership style instrumental in the successes and failures of Marks and Spencer?

    Note I: focus on leadership and leadership styles, NOT on how he started at age 17!

    Note II: If you can find any further information on the company by using the Internet, please do.


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    Interesting case!

    One approach to help you with an assignment like this one is to go through the attached case critically (see M&S.doc attached), jotting down relevant points to the questions, and then discuss the questions. This is the approach this response takes. I also attached two other resource for you to consider for this assignment.

    Greenbury, the chairman and chief executive of Marks and Spencer, clearly discovered how much corporate governance matters when things go wrong. (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb5037/is_199811/ai_n18282358/print).


    1. How would you describe Sir Richard Greenbury's leadership style?

    I agree with the article that Greenbury's leadership style was autocratic. This is because of how the article describes him and how Greenbury describes himself, such as aggressive, driven, high achiever, perfectionist, rigid, abrasive, critical and judgmental of others, rides others until they have proven themselves, my way is the only way, doesn't listen to others, self-focused, lack of accountability, blames others, etc.). Is this your take?

    These traits fit with the description and characteristics of an autocratic leader. For example, an autocratic leader is a dictator. In this situation, the leader's word is "law." The typical autocratic leader does not involve others in the decision making process. And this type of leader might resort to force, manipulation or even threats to accomplish their goals. http://www.money-zine.com/Career-Development/Leadership-Skill/Autocratic-Leadership/. This clearly fits the description of Greenbury in the attached article.

    According to one source, the cons of Autocratic Leaders are:

    · The communication style of an autocratic leader is usually described as one way. They tell you exactly what they want done. The feedback you would get from this type of leader would ...

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    Based on the case scenario, this solution describes Sir Richard Greenbury's leadership style and analyzes whether or not his leadership style was instrumental in the successes and failures of Marks and Spencer. Supplemented with three resources on leadership and leadership styles for further research.