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    Kinesiology/Human Kinetics

    Kinesiology is the study of human kinetics or movement. The word itself comes from the Greek word kinein, meaning to move. Its application under human health care encompasses studying the mechanisms of the body, both physiological and mechanical. Using this knowledge, the scope of practices can include orthopedics, rehabilitation, physical therapy as well as biomechanics, especially with the new and emerging technology present today.

    Although kinesiology is an isolated subject, it draws upon concepts from many different areas of biology, where human and animal kinetics are considered. Individuals who have earned a kinesiology degree may study the motion of humans, or if they are more concentrated in the area of physiology, themes such as brain activity can be assessed for physiologic function.

    In most countries, kinesiology refers to an area of study which is not associated with a profession. However, in countries such as Canada, kinesiology has already been associated with a professional designation.¹ Thus, it can be seen that studying kinesiology may be useful as it is a new and emerging field.

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    Human Anatomy and Physiology

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    Human Anatomy and Physiology refers to the science of morphology and biochemical/electrical/mechanical functions of the human body.


    Solutions: 1

    Biomechanics refers to the science of structures and functions of biological systems.

    Exercise Physiology

    Solutions: 16

    Exercise Physiology refers to physiological responses of the human body to a wide range of physical activity.


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    Ergonomics refers to the study of equipment design intended to maximize productivity.

    Disability Management

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    Disability management refers to the methods and techniques used to assist individuals who have been injured or ill to re-integrate into society.


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