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    International Healthcare

    International healthcare is a field of health care dealing with health across regional or national borders. It is also known as global health or geographic medicine. There are various subsets of international medicine. For example, travel medicine prepares travelers with prophylactic medications, immunizations, in-transit and post-travel care for exotic illnesses and preventative tactics such as bed nets and pesticides.

    International healthcare generally refers to health organizations and health personnel from one area of the world providing direct health care or helping develop the health sector in another nation. There can be an element of risk associated with international healthcare. Personnel often go in harm’s way to provide health care to people affected by conflict or natural disaster.

    Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) perform much of the work in international healthcare. They provide a wide range of services, including direct health care, vitamin supplementation, community potable water and elimination of infectious diseases and malnutrition. NGOs can also improve capacity development in areas of need. This involves providing training programs to help nations develop sustainable domestic health solutions through the training of local practitioners.

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    Diseases in Developing Countries

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    Disease is very prevalent in developing countries where health care knowledge may be minimal, sanitation is often poor and resources are scarce.

    International Health Organizations

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    International Health Organizations are a major source of expert technical advice and training for local health professionals.

    Global Health Advocacy

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    Global health advocacy works to influence policy and mobilize resources to improve equitable access to health services and fight diseases of poverty.

    International Disaster Relief

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    International relief organizations provide aid in the days immediately following the disaster which can play a major role in re-establishing a functioning society and averting health crises.

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