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Inpatient Services

Identify and describe an inpatient setting (i.e., acute inpatient units, inpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing, etc.) to include the services provided, key personnel within the department, and how this department supports or is supported by other departments.
Identify and describe at least two trends that have an impact on the setting you selected. These can be trends related to supply and demand, political climate, regulatory, demographic changes, or patient care.
Evaluate the impact of these trends on the inpatient setting.
Analyze the trends and thinking as a healthcare administrator, how do you capitalize on these trends to improve operation and bottom line performance? How can you mitigate the negative impact of the trends

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Let's consider a setting like the intensive care unit (ICU), which houses a select group of inpatients who are in need of extensive around the clock care. This unit maintains life-supporting systems such as ventilators, and ensures regular and frequent monitoring in order to ensure a patient remains or improves towards a stable condition. The key to the function of this unit are the nurses who regularly maintain the equipment and treatment, as well as handle basic patient needs such as hygiene, and the doctors who diagnose and order treatment/tests. It should also be noted that charge nurses who act as immediate supervisors of certain areas of the ICU are also vital to the ICU's function, as they best know what is going on at any point in time, and are a figure to defer to if decisions cannot be immediately made on the front line, and prior to analysis by a doctor. Other professionals who can be vital to the function of the ICU, on a case by case basis, include respiratory therapists and x-ray technologists, who provide specific skills necessary in a patient's treatment/care plan.

Many times, the ICU patient ...

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The inpatient services are examined. The impact of trends on the inpatient settings are determined.