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How to recover data from a crashed hard drive

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You come to work on a Monday morning and find that the office computer is not working. The system manager informs everyone that the computer's hard disk crashed and that all data that were not backed up are lost. What do you do?

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Because all data is lost, there is no way to retrieve it. The system may have contained a database of all client information or of recent sales figures. The first step is to determine if anyone in the office has recently printed a copy of a client list or has generated a report. This data will be useful later, when the system is fixed or when a new one is implemented.

The next step is to determine why the crash occurred. Knowing why may help prevent such a disaster in the future. The system's capacity may not be sufficient to handle the amount of data being stored and utilized. It may be a hardware problem. Such information is necessary, to help ...

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