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how to obtain support services

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I need help with answering the following questions based on the scenario that follows: "A small hospital in a well-manged health care system can consider three ways to obtain clinical support services, (1) hire its own health care professionals(stand alone); (2) buy services (outsource) from local providers; or arrange for training, procedures, and supervision through its system (affiliate)."

How should the organization determine which approach is preferable, and who should be involved with the decision?

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The decision on how to obtain support services should be based on several factors. The factors include cost, fit for the organization and availability of support service employees within the local community.

For a small hospital, the community may not have enough interested in the support services to find enough professionals on its own. Therefore, offering a program for training such professionals and making it attractive to people looking for a first career or new career within the community may be the best approach. The risks are loss of well trained support ...

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