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    How to Improve Accountability in the Workplace

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    Identify and discuss the measures taken and implemented in your workplace (or one that you are familiar with), that aid in the accountability process.

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    I worked on the Rehabilitation floor of a hospital. For us most of the accountability related to medication. We used a Pyxis System ( http://www.carefusion.com/medical-products/medication-management/medication-technologies/pyxis-medstation-system.aspx) for medication dispensation. To use Pyxis you entered your user ID, password, and then had the computer scan your finger. Only after that could you access patient medications. For some medications (such as certain narcotics) another RN needed to be there to witness you removing the medication. For medication waste (if the client didn't need all of it or there was extra) then you needed to ...

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    This solution discusses some suggestions for improving accountability in the workplace. It also includes personal examples of how companies I have work for have impletmented measures to improve accountability.