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Hepatitis B and Chlamydia

The following is a partial list of medications, both new and old, that are used to treat or cure STIs. These include:

- GeniCure
- Cure-7
- Zovirax
- Amoxicillin
- Zithromax
- Trichloracetic acid
- Valtrex
- Cefixime
- Kanamycin
- Azithromycin
- Doxycycline

- Analyze the two different STIs as far as symptoms, severity, sterilization possibility, and treatment.
- Select one of the 'cures' listed above and provide additional information about the treatment. Which STI's is it effective against and how reliable is this cure?

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Hep B symptoms are fairly typical of viral infections in general: general malaise, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, aches, mild fever, and dark urine are typical symptoms. This is often then followed by ongoing hepatic failure which presents itself as jaundice. Some people report itchy skin, and yet others remain completely asymptomatic. In this sense, Hep B has a wide margin of clinical signs: from none at all, to severe jaundice indicative of hepatic failure, the latter becoming potentially fatal.

Sterilization is highly unlikely, since Hep B tends to cause damage in the liver rather than any other tissue. Although viral load in circulation can be high, the effects of infection are localized the the liver, in ...

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The solution examines a list of medications to help treat or cure STIs, such as hepatitis B and chlamydia