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    Health Care Options

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    Comment on the choices that one has to make when deciding on health care coverage options. What is affordable? Why do we so many people uninsured? Some might argue that if insurance was required then the consumer would figure out a way to pay for it, hence the latest health care reform. What are your thoughts?

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    The economy and genes are a big part of the issue relating to the Affordable Health Care reform. The motivation behind self-care is another issue. We have not been a culture for prevention in recent centuries, like we see now. Before the turn of the century (20th) there was no insurance and it got down to the survival of the fittest. Those with good genes and good habits lived longer and healthier lives. Native Americans and other cultures used herbs and other natural remedies. The western style of medicine, where doctor is 'GOD' and patient does what doctor says are shifting.

    There is some truth to the notion that people will find a way to ...

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    Paying for and receiving medical coverage is discussed.