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Healthcare Provider & Governing Board Composition

Locate the website of a healthcare provider in your vicinity (it may be a hospital, ambulatory service provider, or other type of healthcare organization). Find the member's of the organization's governing board on the website. What is the composition of the board? Are there consumer members of the board? Do you think that leaders from other industries (not represented on the board) might better serve the provider?

Hi, I need some help on the above task. I have decided to research Cleveland Clinic, but I am struggling to answer the associated questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I chose the Cleveland Clinic ( The governing board of the Cleveland Clinic is the Board of Directors. The board is composed of 23 members, of whom are "dedicated community leaders who are selected on the basis of their expertise and experience in a variety of areas beneficial" ...

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This solution discusses the composition of a governing board for a particular healthcare provider. It discusses if there are consumer members on board, and if other leaders from other industries might better serve the board. APA reference is included.