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Code of practice for "Lead"

Please help me locate information and provide ideas/suggestions on the following topic:

Compile as much information regarding lead as possible, specifically on the toxicological effects for Canada, or the States. Once all the information is compiled, create a mock policy dealing with lead.

1. Identify industry policies dealing with lead

2. Identify areas where lead may be in use in health care buildings- be it in the buildings, in processes, or in products.

3. Develop a list of chemicals, processes and harmful substances that pose the greatest occupational hazards or have specific regulatory requirements- dealing with lead

3. Locate best practices based on legislated requirements, existing industry best practices, and occupational hygiene best practices

4. What are some control measures based on a combination of recommended best practices and results of hygiene monitoring. Included with control measures are what medical monitoring should be conducted on workers exposed to lead

I thank you for your help.

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By responding to the querstions, this solution provides information regarding lead and the toxicological effects e.g. for an industry in Canada or the United States and for creating a mock policy dealing with lead. References are provided.