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Healing arts

Please provide the correct answer and an explanation. This is for review. Thank you.

1-True or False: Ideology cannot show objective changes.

2- True or False: Nerve impulse changes cause part of the changes in iris appearance.

3- True or False: Past health changes are shown in the middle portion of the iris.

4- Pranayama is a form of __________ ___________
A) Energy healing
B) Breathing exercise
C) A&B
D) None of the above

5 - the iris is considered to be a highly specialized vitreous ___________.

6- A large part of the ____________ of the hair analysis related to proper hair sample collection process.

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Let's take a closer look. I also provide an explanation for each and the link for checking.


1. True or False: Iridology cannot show objective changes.

AN: False

Based on this theory of iridology, it is believed that diseases may show up as objective "pigment changes, light or dark streaks, flecks, or spots. Textures of "fibers" in the iris are also studied. According to the International Iridology Research Association, iridology cannot name a disease; only a medical doctor can." ( However, from a scientific point of view, researchers would probably question the objectivity of iris analysis, as it is ...

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