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Comparison of US Healthcare and Other Nations

Despite the documented challenges that the U.S. health care system faces, it also enjoys a number of advantages over other systems around the world.

Choose 2 other countries from around the world and discuss the strengths of the U.S. health care system as compared to these countries from an administrator's and a third-party payer's perspectives.
Discuss each strength, and provide an explanation as to why the United States has this advantage over the other countries you chose.

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Though the U.S. health care system is wrought with challenges, such as costs that seem to rise

out of control, challenges in continuity of care, lack of access for some social groups, and shortages of

primary care providers and trained nurses, there are many advantages over systems in other nations.

The U.S. is believed to have one of the best, most advanced health care systems in the world. There

Are several factors that contribute to effective care and advanced practices in health care. Knowledge

Of highly trained physicians, surgeons, and other practitioners contributes to the quality of care.

Knowledge is linked with the advanced technology available for treating illness, where skill and expertise

are required to use the technology effectively.

Another factor contributing to the high quality of care is choice. In the U.S., patients who seek

care are viewed increasingly as consumers, with the ability to make decisions about the types of care,

levels of care, and providers selected. In many countries, patients are at the mercy of the limited

number of providers available. Others must wait for a longer period of time to see a primary physician

or specialist. The Canadian health care system ensures care for every citizen, regardless of employment

status or association with any specific characteristic or group. While the system works efficiently, and

at a much lower cost for administering care than in the U.S., citizens sometimes experience long waiting

periods to receive services, unless they require immediate or emergent care (National Bureau of

Economic Research, 2013).

Another health care system quite different from that of the United States is the British National

Health Service. Like the Canadian system, the NHS is publicly funded and is considered a not for profit

Enterprise. The difference is that the Canadian system is broken down into ten smaller systems,

according to the provinces, and the provinces cover most of the cost, with roughly 20% of costs federally

funded (Institute of Local Self Reliance, 2008). Unlike the Canadian or U.S. systems, physicians,

surgeons, nurses, and other healthcare workers are all employees of NHS. The services owns most

hospitals and clinics, though there are some private facilities to accommodate the few citizens who have

private health insurance (Neufeld, nd). Private health insurance in the UK is typically considered a luxury

only available and affordable to the

very wealthy. There are very few citizens in the UK or Canada who are not able to access health care

services, though some citizens may choose not to, for ...

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