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Challenges within the Information Cycle & How to Overcome

Using the information cycle, point to challenges at the various steps. What can be done to counter these challenges?


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Quality is demanded at every stage of the information cycle in order to make accurate decisions for effective management. First, it is important to determine the data needed, and where to get the data. Data must be collected from reliable, unbiased sources that are timely and dependable. Data must be current to avoid utilizing outdated paradigms to make decisions. In order to avoid making these errors it is critical that contacts are made, industry associations are maintained, and both internal and external resources are kept current. Other challenges to this step are the inability to find data easily, validate the source personally or professionally, and inability to use the information in its' current format (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb288451.aspx). A key challenge in this step, as well as in all others is the sharing of data and information. ...

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This solution discusses the Information Cycle and points to challenges at the various steps. It outlines what can be done to counter these challenges. It includes examples and links.