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    Biomechanics in Running & Importance of Arm Swing

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    Can you give me some pointers on biomechanical reasons why one would want to increase arm swing while running?

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    I hope this helps. This is interesting if you truly think about it as you are running (associate) you can improve your running. Good luck!

    The arm swing is important to maximize efficient and economical running. For maximum performance, the elbows should be bent at slightly less than a right angle. As a runner is swinging the arms all movement is hinged at the shoulder. The elbow joint should be soft and fixed. It is helpful to think about scraping the ground with your elbows to help prevent the shoulders from elevating. Also, it is important to prevent the cross arm technique, frequently seen in joggers. A runner wants his arms and hands to point in ...

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    This detailed solution provides a series of reasons why arm swinging is important in running based upon biomechanic principles. Additionally, this solution provides five APA formatted references for further investigation of the given topic.