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    Assessing 2 different health position ads

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    Need help in identifying ads and for allied health positions using professional publications, websites, etc. The ads may be for nurses, respiratory care, radiology professionals, etc.

    I need help in assessing the design and content of the ads and discuss their effectiveness. In other words, what makes the ads more or less effective? Did they follow suggestions or guidelines for effective ads? Would either of these ads draw you to apply?

    Please site references if used.

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    In making an assessment of the design, content, and effectiveness of ads for allied health positions, there are a number of attributes that makes their ads much more effective. The simplicity of the content of the ads make them very effective, largely due to the fact that simple and direct ads help individuals to gain a clear understanding of the health positions that are currently available, and is clear and direct understanding will lead many more qualified individuals to apply for these positions. In addition, concise and simple ads also help to hold the reader's attention, which will also increase the probability of attracting more qualified applicants for positions. These ads are also highly effective due to the fact that they clearly provide the ...

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    The expert assesses two different health position ads. Design and content of the ads and effectiveness are given.