Module 1 - Background

Productivity & Process Improvement



FROM: George Washburn

SUBJECT: Background on the EMC Productivity Planning effort

Each year it is critical that we improve our productivity so that we can offset rising costs of material and labor. This allows us to keep our prices down. I am in the process of determining just how much productivity we need to get this year. I am going to ask you to do some analysis of your product area, the Plasti-Brack product line and the manufacturing operations so that you can prepare a plan to improve the productivity in the processes for these products. I will have a final email out very shortly.


Click Here to go to the Excellent Manufacturing Company. You will find information about the company, the Plasti-brack product line, manufacturing, plant layout, financial data, and productivity information.

Learning Wizard (What you need to know to do the assignment for George Washburn)

What is Operations?


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What is Productivity and How do you improve it?

Read what Dr. Elson has to say about Productivity:

Introduction to Productivity (Click Here)

Improving Productivity (Click Here)

Additional Readings and Resources


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Improving Productivity - check out the different projects and improvements by Trainor & Associates. This website provides many different examples of improving productivity:

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Lean Thinking

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Optional Readings

Historical perspective on productivity,

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