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Dec 2012
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Business Law

A private high school hires a new Superintendent, George Forester. The school is owned by a local Lutheran Church and is run by a board of directors chosen by church members. Supt. Forester shows up for his first day of work, and sends a memo via intercompany mail to all teachers:
Dear Staff:

Business / Business Math » 350056

Seven standard systems development life cycle phases

Plan a system development project for the Bead Bar, using the seven standard systems development life cycle phases. Be sure to include the tasks required to implement your project in each phase.

Include any charts, graphs, or other visual components that you feel would by helpful in illustrating READ MORE »

Business / Management Information Systems » 140940

Business Law Case 1

A well-known pharmaceutical company, Robins & Robins, is working through a public scandal. Three popular medications which they sell over-the-counter have been determined to be tainted with small particles of plastic explosive. It has not yet been determined where the plastic explosives cam READ MORE »

Business / Business Law » 350348

Guillermo Furniture Store: Concepts of Economics Advantage & Efficiency

Explain how the finance concepts found in the readings and how they relate to the context of the scenario.

The paper effectively and appropriately addresses the following concepts from the text:
- The concept of the competitive economic advantage.
- The concept of the value and READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Competitive Advantage » 259449
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