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The Apparent Molecular Weight of Air

1. Record your data table of temperature vs. volume here.

2. Construct a graph by hand or using a spreadsheet program, plotting the values of temperature on the x-axis and air volume on the y-axis.

Initial temp. 21 Deg C, Vol. 100mL
Ice -3 Deg C, Vol. 91.84mL
Water 100 deg. C, Vol. 126.87mL

Chemistry / Physical Chemistry / Gas Laws » 128624

Markov Analysis: Book Store Example (Please place in POM-QM Software format)

The University of South Wisconsin has had steady enrollments over the past five years. The school has its own bookstore, called University Book Store, but there are also three private bookstores in town: Bill's Book Store, College Book Store, and Battle's Book Store. The university is concerned a READ MORE »

Statistics / Probability / Probability Theory / Stochastic Processes / Markov Processes » 275342

Qualitative and quantitative variables

Refer to the Wage Data that is in the attachment, which reports information on annual wages for a sample of 100 workers. Also included are variables relating to industry, years of education, and gender for each worker.

(a) Which of the 12 variables are qualitative and which are quantitative?

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics » 237335

Planetary evolution and the early solar system

F. Which is hotter, Mercury or Venus? Why?
h. Explain why there are two general families of planets, rocky terrestrial and gaseous jovian.
j. What knowledge do comets and asteroids provide to studies of the origin of the solar system?

Physics / Astrophysics and Atmospheric Physics / Astronomy / Solar System / Planets » 48979
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