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Todd Miller

Nov 2009
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  • BA, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 1992
  • Associates, Community College of the Air Force, 2000
  • MBA, Touro University International, 2009


  • Business
  • Drama, Film, and Mass Communication
  • Physics

About Todd Miller

Todd is currently an active duty military officer. Prior to joining the United States Air Force, he earned his bachelor's degree in Theatre with a concentration in performance. However, Todd worked professionally in all aspects of the discipline such as lighting, management, makeup, and acting.

Once in the Air Force, Todd was trained as a Broadcast Writer/Producer and talent (Radio Disc Jockey and Television Anchor) for the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) at the Defense Information School, Fort Meade, Maryland. He performed in this specialty for almost 7 years.

From there, Staff Sergeant Miller became First Lieutenant Miller through Officer Training, and was then trained as a Nuclear Launch Officer for the Minuteman III missile system. During this time, he started towards his Master's in Astronomy through Swinburne University of Technology in Australia. But, due to changes in his funding program, Todd had to stop this program at the Graduate Certificate level. He then worked towards, and received his MBA a few years later.

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