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    Jan 2012
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    • BS, Fordham University, 2004
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    • MA, Mercy College, 2012


    • Psychology
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    Developing Marketing Proposals for Nursing Home care

    Need help with a healthcare class assignment.

    See information below.

    You currently work for the development department of Sunny Manor Nursing and Rehab Center. Sunny Manor was once a privately owned small skilled nursing home in Sunny Beach, Florida until it was sold 6 years ago to a large READ MORE »

    Health Sciences / Health Care Management / Marketing in Health Care » 605698

    Subsidized health coverage.

    What population groups should receive subsidized health coverage from tax revenues and why? Justify your response.

    Health Sciences » 451369

    Dyslexia, Brain Damage, and CNS Impairment

    Edward is a seven-year-old boy who has difficulty reading. His teacher refers him to the school psychologist to evaluate for a learning disability. The psychologist's report concludes that Edward has dyslexia and mild central nervous system impairment. Edward's mother asks if the report means that h READ MORE »

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Childhood Disorders / Learning Disorders » 467961

    Timeline of Abnormal Psychology

    A timeline that displays the development of abnormal psychology. Include five main milestones

    Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Assessing and Diagnosing Abnormality / Difficulties in Assessment/Diagnosis » 584326

    Social Psychology Perspective: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

    In "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," consider the change in the Grinch's attitudes at the end of this story from a Social Psychology perspective:
    - How were the Grinch's attitudes formed in the first place?
    - How did the Who's manage to change his attitudes? What social psychology proc READ MORE »

    Psychology / Social Psychology » 517095
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