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Mar 2015
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  • MArch, University of Waterloo, 2015
  • Hon BAS , University of Waterloo, 2013


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About Sundus Shaikh

As Phil Collins stated, "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn."

- My involvement in BrainMass is for this very reason. As an undergraduate Architecture student at the University of Waterloo, I not only became more skilled at design, but also became interested in assisting my fellow students, presenting my work and collaborating with my professors. This, I found, enriched my educational experience and developed my interest in teaching.

After enrolling as a Master of Architecture student at the same institution, I took part in the Fundamentals of University Teaching program, which equipped me with vital knowledge about teaching techniques, lesson planning and public speaking. I also worked as a teaching assistant for two courses, where I actively assisted with lectures, and provided in-depth feedback to students.

I now work as an Architectural Designer for an international design firm, and pursue other hobbies such as cooking, running, star-gazing, travelling and writing. Of course, I continue my passion for teaching and coaching through BrainMass, which I joined in March 2015. It is a pleasure to assist students from a diverse range of backgrounds and most importantly, to know that I am making a difference in their educational endeavours.

Here's to boosted confidence, better performance and quality education!

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Public Perceptions of Punitive Penalties

Read the following article:

St. Amand, M. D., & Zamble, E. (2001). Impact of information about sentencing decisions on public attitudes toward the criminal justice system. Law and Human Behavior, 25(5), 515-528.
Retrieve from:

Summarize the article, including th READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language / Rhetorical Devices » 604761

Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research - Article Topics

Research methods vary and different approaches are needed. A magazine editor in a small town would like to include articles on several topics in the next issue. Decide which of the following proposed article topics are suitable for a quantitative or qualitative research and explain why.

Coin co READ MORE »

Education / Philosophy of Education » 602999

Applying Binomial Distributions: EAT Forensic Evaluation

Applying Binomial Distributions

From the South University Online Library, read the following article:
Hall, H., & Thompson, J. S. (2007). Explicit alternative testing: Application
of the binomial probability distribution to clinical-forensic evaluations.
Forensic Examiner, 16(1), 38-43. Retri READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts / Poetry » 604336

Police Brutality

How does the media portray police brutality? Is police brutality a global problem or do other cultures perceive police work differently?

On March 30, 2014, protesters went on the streets in Albuquerque New Mexico about the death of a homeless, mental ill men who camped at the Sandia foothills. READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language / Letter Writing » 606260

Criminological Theories: Comparison of Two Siblings

How could strain, differential association, social control, social learning, and rational theories be utilized to explain how two siblings from the same household could encounter environmental stimuli that could push both or either of them into crime or pull them under the control of conventional so READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts / Plays, Film, and Media » 604830
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