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Mar 2015
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  • MArch, University of Waterloo, 2015
  • Hon BAS , University of Waterloo, 2013


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About Sundus Shaikh

As Phil Collins stated, "In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn."

- My involvement in BrainMass is for this very reason. As an undergraduate Architecture student at the University of Waterloo, I not only became more skilled at design, but also became interested in assisting my fellow students, presenting my work and collaborating with my professors. This, I found, enriched my educational experience and developed my interest in teaching.

After enrolling as a Master of Architecture student at the same institution, I took part in the Fundamentals of University Teaching program, which equipped me with vital knowledge about teaching techniques, lesson planning and public speaking. I also worked as a teaching assistant for two courses, where I actively assisted with lectures, and provided in-depth feedback to students.

I now work as an Architectural Designer for an international design firm, and pursue other hobbies such as cooking, running, star-gazing, travelling and writing. Of course, I continue my passion for teaching and coaching through BrainMass, which I joined in March 2015. It is a pleasure to assist students from a diverse range of backgrounds and most importantly, to know that I am making a difference in their educational endeavours.

Here's to boosted confidence, better performance and quality education!

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Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research - Article Topics

Research methods vary and different approaches are needed. A magazine editor in a small town would like to include articles on several topics in the next issue. Decide which of the following proposed article topics are suitable for a quantitative or qualitative research and explain why.

Coin co READ MORE »

Education / Philosophy of Education » 602999

Public Perceptions of Punitive Penalties

Read the following article:

St. Amand, M. D., & Zamble, E. (2001). Impact of information about sentencing decisions on public attitudes toward the criminal justice system. Law and Human Behavior, 25(5), 515-528.
Retrieve from: http://www.thecampuscommon.com

Summarize the article, including th READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language / Rhetorical Devices » 604761

Applying Binomial Distributions: EAT Forensic Evaluation

Applying Binomial Distributions

From the South University Online Library, read the following article:
Hall, H., & Thompson, J. S. (2007). Explicit alternative testing: Application
of the binomial probability distribution to clinical-forensic evaluations.
Forensic Examiner, 16(1), 38-43. Retri READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts / Poetry » 604336

Critically Evaluate the Evolution of Law Enforcement

Present an entire lecture on the paradigm shift in policing and the emergence of Compstat.
Compstat is a direct result of the "paradigm shift" that policing and law enforcement have been facing in recent years. Compstat is a multilayered dynamic approach to crime reduction, quality of life improve READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language / Letter Writing » 606124

Police Brutality

How does the media portray police brutality? Is police brutality a global problem or do other cultures perceive police work differently?

On March 30, 2014, protesters went on the streets in Albuquerque New Mexico about the death of a homeless, mental ill men who camped at the Sandia foothills. READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language / Letter Writing » 606260
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