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Data Dictionary Example for Patient Demographic Information

Create a file of five records that contain name, address, and telephone numbers. Begin by defining the fields in data dictionary format, and then show how you would represent these fields if you were trying to explain them to someone else.

Health Sciences / Health Care Management » 584089

The Uses of Urinalysis

Use the information from this sheet as well as any other reliable sources available to answer the following questions. Urinalysis is the topic.

You can tell a lot about someone from their urine! Since the days of ancient Greece, physicians have used the appearance, smell, and even taste of urine READ MORE »

Health Sciences / Kinesiology/Human Kinetics / Human Anatomy and Physiology » 591101

SOPHE/AAHE Baccalaureate Program Approval Committee Accreditation

What are the standards and processes for a community health program to receive the SOPHE/AAHE Baccalaureate Program Approval Committee accreditation? Compare the two in rigor, standards, and effects on the programs.

Health Sciences / Health Care Ethics / Public Healthcare » 588319

Classification of Organisms

Assistance with the following multiple choice science questions.

1. Paleontologists have found fossils dating back 3.6 billion years. These closely resemble..

2. The endosymbiont hypothesis suggests that the mitochondria of eukaryotic cells are descended from captured

3. Eukaryotic cells ar READ MORE »

Biology / Microbiology » 512511

Public Health: Breaking Communicable Disease Chains

How can communicable diseases be broken at a link within the communicable disease chain? Are there steps that a nurse can take to facilitate this process? Give a specific example.

Health Sciences / Topics in Health and Wellness / Disease Management » 525060
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