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Sep 2010
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  • Postgraduate Diploma, HEART Trust Vocational Training and Development Institute, 2015
  • MSc., University of the West Indies, 2005
  • BSc., University of the West Indies, 2003


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About Shernett Hall

Shernett Hall, MSc. is a Certified Public Accountant who has practiced in the field of accounting for just over nine (9) years. She has completed both a Master of Science Degree in Accounting and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting & Management Studies at the University of the West Indies. Shernett has tutored students at the university level and is always assisting students at all levels with their accounting and business assignments. She is currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Education, in order to further enhance her instructional skills and fulfil her aspirations of becoming a successful part-time Lecturer. She has worked as an Expert for BrainMass since September 2010.

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Elastic or Inelastic Demand for Marshmallows

The question is given below:

Here is some data on the demand for marshmallows:

Price Quantity
$10 1100
$ 8 1300
$ 6 1700
$ 4 2300
$ 2 3100

a) Is demand elastic or inelastic in READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis » 350298

Memorandum: Tax Efficient Financial Planning

Details: Your managing director asks if you can participate in a seminar that the firm is doing on tax efficient financial planning. He would like you to send him, in memo form, the various types of vehicles that can be used by clients to reduce the various kinds if taxation.

Prepare a memo to th READ MORE »

Economics / Finance » 375910

Steps and Timeline for an Initial Public Offering

The president of a manufacturing company is considering taking the company public. As CFO, you have been asked to outline the action steps needed to go public and a timeline to implement a public offering.

Business / Finance / Issuing Equity / Initial Public Offering (IPO) » 361897
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