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May 2014
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  • Special Education-Cognitive Impairment (B.S), Western Michigan University, 1971
  • ZA Endorsement Early Childhood & Parent Education (Endorsement only), Wayne State University, 1980
  • PhD, Eastern Michigan University, 2015


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Qualitative Research Analysis

I still needed help with this assignment. I have no clue on how to get started.
Thanks so much. The scenario is attach

Analyze the middle school scenario, Flipped Math Class. Explain your process for coding and categorizing the qualitative data. What patterns and/or themes did you discover? READ MORE »

Education / Classroom Subjects » 581478

International Perceptions of Human Rights

Following the atrocities of World War 2, world leaders created a legally binding declaration that would act as the foundation of international of human rights law. The universal declaration of human rights, drafted by committee members from several continents, represents "the universal recognition t READ MORE »

Education / Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers / Academic Integrity » 598160

Buddy's Budget: A TPACK (Technology Lesson)

Using the classroom environment and the demographics created in Week Two, the instructional strategies that align with the CCSS in the blog created in Week Three, the unit plan created in Week Four, and the summative assessment created in Week Five, you will create the framework for a TPACK lesson p READ MORE »

Education / Learning & Teaching / Teaching Styles & Methods » 599931

Goals for Ideal Teaching Environment


Please let me know how many credits you would charge to do the below and I will get the points uploaded:

A Philosophy:

1. Write a 5- 8 page (double spaced) paper that describes what working with "difficult" situations would appear to be in the educational arena and classroom in th READ MORE »

Education / Special Education and Learning Difficulties » 604439

Current Educational Ethics Issues

Need help with a 3- to 4-page paper in which you research a current educational ethical issue where your personal beliefs and values may conflict with legal and societal expectations. The current issue should involve widely accepted moral and ethical values that come in conflict with legal requireme READ MORE »

Education / Code of Professional Ethics for Teachers » 592570
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