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Shannah Hartman

Jan 2012
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  • BSc, Liberty University, 2003
  • MA, Liberty University, 2005
  • MEd, Lynchburg College, 27 graduate hours for certification


  • Education
  • Psychology
  • English Language and Literature
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About Shannah Hartman

My name is Mrs. Shannah Hartman and I currently completing a doctoral degree in adult education at Walden University. I am a Special Education Teacher in a secondary school working with students with Intellectual Disabilities and I really enjoy my occupation. I completed a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's degree in Counseling. I later completed the requirements for a special education teaching licence. I have years of experience in the field of special education. I have worked with housebound students, served as chair of an Assistive technology Team, and taught students with different disabilities in multiple settings. I would like to share my knowledge and experience with you. Please select me as your academic expert in the future. I use up to date credible resources, site my resources MLA or APA style, and add my personal knowledge and experience when answering your questions. I look forward to hearing form you.

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Program Development Plan for Mental Health Counseling Agency

Textbook is Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Community and Agency settings. Authors are Samuel T. Gladding & Deborah w. Newsome

Outline and describe the necessary steps to create a mental health counseling agency in your community.
In each step of this process, be sure to discuss how diversi READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 526185

Assessment History

Why is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory [MMPI]) significant and how does it impact the development of psychological testing in the 21st century?

Psychology / Cross-Cultural Psychology / Personality and Belief Systems » 452324

Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development Plan (PDP)

Application: Program of Study (POS) and Professional Development Plan (PDP)
This week you will create your own blueprint or roadmap for your graduate program at Walden.
To prepare for this assignment:
- Review the Long Range Course Rotation document located in the Learning Resources.
- Review th READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 522078

Students with EBD for Interventions

How do teachers effectively evaluate students with EBD for intervention and/or instruction? What do you think about their method?

Education / Learning & Teaching » 462542

Role of Theory

Role of Theory

Two weeks of this course are devoted to theory as it tends to be a topic that requires additional time to understand. This week, you began your understanding of theory. Understanding the role of theory in research is the goal for this Discussion.

To prepare for this Discussion:

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology » 532334
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