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Sep 2010
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  • BSc, Tehran University, Iran, 2003
  • MSc, Shiraz University, Iran, 2006
  • PhD (IP), Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay, will graduate in early 2011


  • Physics
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Stock Probability

Please explain how to solve this problem.

An investment advisor recommends the purchase of shares in Probaballisitics, Inc.. He has made the following predictions:

P(Stock goes up 20% | Rise in GDP) = .6
P(Stock goes up 20% | Level GDP) = .5
P(Stock goes up 20% | Fall in GDP) = .4

An econ READ MORE »

Mathematics / Probability » 341547

displacement as a function of time.

1. The Starship USS Enterprise is travelling in a straight flight path through the Delta Quadrant to investigate the Sontaran Nebula when its sensors detect a disturbance in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Captain Jean Luc Picard orders Lt. Commander Data to reverse course. However, as Dat READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra » 373272

Question About Quadratic Function

Write a word problem involving a quadratic function. How would you explain the steps in finding the solution to someone not in this class?

My garden is 18 ft long and 15 ft. wide. I like to decrease the length by x feet and increase the width by the same number of feet. The equation A READ MORE »

Mathematics / Algebra » 388950

Simple pendulum equations

Simple Pendulum Gravity is responsible for an object falling toward Earth. The farther the object falls, the faster it is moving when it hits the ground. For each second that an object falls, its speed increases by a constant amount, called the acceleration due to gravity, denoted g. One way to calc READ MORE »

Physics / Classical Mechanics / Velocity / Periodic Motion » 393929
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