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Natural Chemistry and Cramps

1. Compare the natural chemistry that takes place in the environment with the chemistry that takes place due to man made factors like pollution. Discuss the effect of pollution at the local, regional, national, and global level.

2. A freshman studying medicine at an Ivy League College is a part READ MORE »

Chemistry / Physical Chemistry / Acids and Bases » 273138

Networking Question WK3

I need your help in the below questions:

1. Based on the Beliles and Twinam (2008) article, what role does an Ethernet layer 2 switch play in virtual local-area networks (VLAN)? How can an Ethernet layer 2 switch be used to implement physical and data security policies? How does protecting a VLAN READ MORE »

Computer Science / Software Development / Operating Systems / Networking » 285451

Two-Port Network, Z-Parameter Matrix

Please see the attachment for mentioned network and circuit diagrams.

1. Find the z-parameters of the two-port network below.

2. In the circuit below, the two-port network TPN can be represented by the z-parameters shown.

a. Represent the complete circuit by a z-parameter matrix.
b. State READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 332545

A photocell with a 35-ms time constant is used to measure light flashes.

1. A photocell with a 35-ms time constant is used to measure light flashes. How long after a sudden dark-to-light flash before the cell output is 80% of the final level?

2. A manufacturer specification sheet lists the transfer function of a pressure sensor as 45±5% mV/kPa with a time constant of READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Computer Engineering » 369963
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