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Rosanne Purnwasie

Dec 2012
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  • MA, York University, 2010
  • Master of Theological Studies, Tyndale Seminary, 2007
  • Bachelor of Religious Education, Tyndale University College, 2001


  • Religious Studies
  • Sociology
  • Education
  • International Development

About Rosanne Purnwasie

Rosanne Purnwasie graduated with a Bachelor in Religious Education with a focus in youth, culture, and development in 2001 (Tyndale University College, Toronto, Canada). Whilst working as a Youth Ministry Director and as a supervisor at a para-church centre for at-risk youth, she also completed a Master of Theological Studies in 2007 (Tyndale Seminary, Toronto). Thereafter, she completed a Master of Arts in Humanities in 2010 (York University, Toronto) while working in Guyana, South America as a social development consultant for a government project seeking to reduce crime and violence among the youth population. Rosanne has over 20+ years of experience working with young people of various backgrounds and abilities. Rosanne is presently managing a strategic management department, in the process of drafting a national action plan on domestic violence, and raising her infant son who feeds much more knowledge to her intellectual development. Rosanne believes that there is always something to learn each day and enjoys knowledge-sharing.

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Structural diagram of Philippians chapter 1:1-15

Can you help me understand how to do a structural diagram of Philippians chapter 1:1-15 according to McDilli's structural diagram? I am confused about how to do this.

• Place the first independent clause at the left margin
• Place supporting words above or below the modified term
• Design READ MORE »

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Managing Conflict at the Leadership Level of Hospital Administration

Drawing from the totality of your prior experience and your learning, please address this leadership problem:

At your hospital, the Committee on Medical Ethics is a Medical Staff Committee. It answers to the Medical Executive Committee and the Medical Staff President, and its members are jointly READ MORE »

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Sociological approaches to gender and media

Can I please get help getting started:

While the media may try to communicate a message of non-bias when it comes to gender in advertising, there is still a significant amount of information that communicates the exact opposite. Identify the different sociological approaches when it comes to gend READ MORE »

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Responding to Gangs in the School Setting

Outline the article of the National Gang Center Bulletin for November of 2010. Give an overview that includes facts, statistics and recommendations for combating gang activity.

The National Gang Center Bulletin for November of 2010 (5)
By: Michelle Arciaga, Wayne Sakamoto, and Errika Fe READ MORE »

Sociology / Theoretical Framework / Structural Functionalism » 594274
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