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Jun 2003
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  • BA, William Penn University, 2001
  • MBA, Upper Iowa University, 2004


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Memorandum: Office Automation and Group Collaboration Software

Please help with the following problem.

Prepare a two to three page memorandum describing what office automation and group collaboration software is used in your organization. Include an analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of each. If no office automation/group collaboration software i READ MORE »

Computer Science / Software Development » 180328

Process Improvement Organizational Posters

Choose an organization with which you are familiar. For this assignment you will create a total of two business quality posters that can be created on paper (on ground only) or by using a software application (Microsoft® Office Suite). Creativity is encouraged. Be sure that the posters represent th READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Management Tools and Techniques / Business Process Improvement and Reengineering » 251703

Motivational Theories

Can you please explain, compare and contrast some motivational theories? How do they apply to the workplace?

Business / Business Management » 70249

Database Usage Memorandum

Please help me so I can complete the following:

I have to prepare a two to three page memorandum (350 words per page) analyzing the use of databases in my organization. Include what database software are used (Microsoft, Informix, Oracle, etc.). Conclude by proposing improvements. For large or READ MORE »

Computer Science / Data / Data Analysis / Data Clustering » 181084
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