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    Reena Katarya

    Nov 2013
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    • BEng, Carleton University, 2000
    • MM, University of Phoenix, 2011


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    I started off my career as an aerospace engineer and slowly went into Program Management. Over my 20+ years in this field, I expanded my experience my working in different functions (continuous improvement, performance, design, testing) and expanding my skills (teaching, public speaking, managing). I have used many techniques such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Root Cause Analysis throughout my career. My career does tend to sip into my personal life because I use Six Sigma in my personal life when I am “Spring Cleaning.” I am very passionate about my work and would love to help in any way I can, so please do ask.

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    Multinational diversification

    Given the advantages of international diversification, why do some firms choose not to expand internationally? Ventures in foreign countries without strong contract law are more risky, because managers may be subjected to bribery attempts once their firms' assets have been invested in the country. H READ MORE »

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Competitive Advantage » 565307

    Internet consumers as market segment strategy

    What role, if any, does the Internet play in market segmentation strategy? Provide at least one specific example and briefly discuss. When you shop on the Internet do you consider yourself part of a market segment?

    Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Strategic Planning » 596583

    strategic management

    looking for ideas on how to blog about the strategic management. below is the requirement. little confused as to what is being asked
    In your SLP for this course you will be considered a strategic management subject matter expert and will be asked to blog about important aspects of the strategic ma READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management / Project Management » 608762

    Performance Evaluations for Virtual Environment

    Suggest at least three (3) creative methods to check in with your employees throughout the year, other than the regular annual performance evaluation, within a virtual environment. Explain your methods.

    Determine two (2) challenges managers may encounter when evaluating a virtual employee's per READ MORE »

    Business / Human Resources Management » 608438

    Incremental Changes in Perspective

    The Eames film shows incremental changes in perspective as the camera moves in or out by a factor of 10. How does this metaphor apply to the dynamics within an organization for which you work or with which you are familiar? As you change perspective moving up or down the organizational structure, ho READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management / Leadership Skills » 583298
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