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Mukund Pandya

Jan 2005
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  • BSc, Vikram Uni. Ujjain, 1975
  • MSc, Vikram Uni. Ujjain, 1977
  • BEd, Bhopal University Bhopal, 1983


  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics

About Mukund Pandya

Mukund Pandya did his Master?s degree in Physics from Vikram University and Degree in Education from RCE Bhopal. He has 27 years of expertise in teaching physics at +2 level. For the last 17 years he has mentored students who are preparing for engineering and medical entrance examinations, in physics. He has worked as senior faculty for physics in institutions where students prepare for engineering and medical entrance exams. He is regularly invited by other similar institutes as visiting or guest faculty in physics. His area of expertise includes mechanics, electrostatics, current electricity, electromagnetism, geometrical and wave optics, oscillations and waves, modern physics, heat and thermodynamics and fluids etc..

He has been associated with BrainMass since 2005 and responded to more than 1100 postings.

Mukund Pandya's main strength is his ability to help with complex problems by applying basic concepts of physics. This way it becomes easy for students to learn and understand the topic. Perhaps that is the reason students employ his services again and again.

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25 Multiple Choice question all mechanics, Fully explained

1. A bicycle travels 141 m along a circular track of radius 15m. What is the angular displacement in radians of the bicycle from its starting position?

a. 1.0 rad
b. 1.5 rad
c. 3.0 rad
d. 4.7 rad
e. 9.4 rad

2. What is the angular speed in rad/s of the second hand of a watch?

a. 1.7 à? READ MORE »

Physics / Classical Mechanics / Velocity / Velocity-Time Graphs » 72434

Electricity: Power Generation by Wind Turbine.

Assume a wind turbine with a hub 50 meters above the ground, a rotor diameter of 65 meters and a wind-conversion efficiency of 25 percent. The turbine operates in an area with an average wind-power density of 300 watts/sq meter at 50 meters altitude. How much electricity (kwH) can the turbine genera READ MORE »

Chemistry / Environmental Chemistry » 47618

25 Multiple choice questions based on alternating current and EM waves.

(See attached file for full problem description)

1. The current in a certain ac circuit is independent of the frequency at a given voltage. Which combination of elements is most likely to comprise the circuit?

a. Resistors only
b. Inductors only
c. Capacitors only
d. A combination of i READ MORE »

Physics / Electricity & Magnetism / Circuits / AC » 84482

A Discussion on Various Chemical and Physical Science Concepts

1. The density of the liquid flowing through the horizontal pipe in the drawing above is 1500 kg/m3. The speed of the fluid at pint A is 5.5 m/s while at point B it is 8.0 m/s. What is the difference in pressure, PB - PA, between points B and A?

a.) -1.9 x 103 Pa
b.)+3.8 x 103 Pa
c.)-2.5 x 10 READ MORE »

Physics / Atomic and Molecular Physics / Chemical Physics » 197617

Locating Cable Faults - The Murray Fisher method

FIGURE 1 shows a Wheatstone Bridge connection used to determine the location of a fault on a cable in which two cores are of different cross-sectional area (the Murray Fisher method). Ignoring test lead resistance, show that:

a) For the first reading position, the resistance to the fault, Rx, is READ MORE »

Engineering / Electrical Engineering » 492234
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