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A Not-for-Profit Organization Receives a Restricted Gift

Provide examples of resources that are temporarily restricted as to: (a) purpose; (b) time; and (c) the occurrence of a specific event. Provide an example of permanently restricted resources.

A not-for-profit organization receives a restricted gift.
When, and in which type of fund, should it rec READ MORE »

Business / Accounting » 172126

Professional Business Writing: After the former U.S. Vice President Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for his work and efforts to raise awareness about global warming, he was asked to prepare a white paper on the subject. To enhance his credibility, he plans to present points and counterpoints to the subject. This solution answers a number of questions on the topic.

A. Effective writing - Hints for effective writing, grammar and usage: http://www.business.umt.edu/Faculty/herron/writing_hints.htm

B. Outlining - Los Angeles Valley College: How to write an outline. http://www.lavc.edu/library/outline.htm

* Bennie, M. (2009). Guide to good business commun READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / International Business Strategy » 324968

Evaluation of Jameson Company's internal controls - raw materials and supplies inventory.

The Jameson Company produces a variety of chemical products for use by plastics manufactures. The plant operates on two shifts, five days per week, with maintenance work performed on the third shift and on Saturday as required.
An audit conducted by the staff of the new corporate internal audit de READ MORE »

Business / Accounting / Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping / Purchases, Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) / Inventory » 164227

Restrictions and Effects of Bell-LaPadula Model

(HW1) What is the effect of reading up and writing down restrictions imposed by the Bell-LaPadula model? And what is the effect of reading down and writing up restrictions imposed by the Biba model?

(HW2) Choose one of your favourite operating systems (e.g. Windows 2000/XP/Vista or UNIX) and READ MORE »

Computer Science / Software Development / Operating Systems » 187545

Critical thinking - Problems

What are the characteristics of a problem?

How might a problem present itself?

How should a problem be investigated and identified?

What are five steps to be considered while framing a problem?

Business / Finance / Capital Budgeting » 183146
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