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Jan 2012
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Long-Standing and Wide-Spread Persecution of Jews

1. Why has there been long-standing and wide-spread persecution of Jews?
2. What the differences are between Reform and Orthodox Jews in 21st century America?
3. Research one practice in modern Christianity you believe to be unique and important to the faith of believers, and write a summary descr READ MORE »

Religious Studies / Abrahamic Religions » 511016

Ethics and Same Sex Marriage

Can you please help me decide how to compose this paper?
The paper will be concerning one of the issues of this seminar: same sex marriage.

The layout has to be as follows:
1. Introductory paragraph.
2. Summarize the theological voluntarist approach concerning same sex marriage.
3. Summarize READ MORE »

Philosophy / Ethics & Morals » 544630

Scholarly vs non Scholarly Sources

1) Edmund F. Byrne - author of the May, 2002 article entitled "Business ethics: A helpful hybrid in search of integrity." Published in in the Journal of Business Ethics, Volume #37, Issue #2. Article is found on pages 121-133.

2) Published in September 24, 2011 issue of The Economist. Article ent READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 503636

Making an Annotated Bibliography

For the Case Assignment in this module, you will choose a current issue or topic, develop a title and thesis (main point), and construct an annotated bibliography. This annotated bibliography and the topic you choose will be the basis of your Session Long Project. In other words, you will end up wri READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Language » 518662

Performance Aspect of Drama and Poetry

All literature involves some kind of performance which is intended for an audience. Sometimes, however, the performative quality of a work (i.e., the fact that it is being presented to an audience) is more obvious than through others. Drama and poetry, for example, tend to emphasize overt performanc READ MORE »

English Language and Literature / Literature & Arts / Poetry » 514497
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