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Mar 2015
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  • MS, Touro College, 2007
  • MS, Touro College, 2009
  • Board Certified Hypnotherapist, National Guild of Hypnotists, 2015


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Stealing and Intellectual Disability

Chad is a 22-year old man with mild intellectual disability. He has good verbal abilities and can easily carry on a conversation and understand complex directions. Chad works in a factory. He does his job well, but he has been caught stealing from other workers' lockers. The problem occurs during wo READ MORE »

Psychology / Positive Psychology » 619239

Seven Perspectives in Psychology

Introducing Psychology
Loneliness is a problem that plagues many people, but college students in particular.

1. In a narrative format, discuss the key facts and critical issues presented.
2. How would each of the seven perspectives of psychology approach the question of why people are lonely? W READ MORE »

Psychology / Developmental Psychology / Attachment Theory » 602192

Prompts for the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The following are various "prompt" levels used with the Intellectually Disabled/Developmentally Disabled population in a residential or home care setting. Prompts are statements, questions, or sentences to have the individual respond to a given task:

This include:
Independence, Judgment, Verba READ MORE »

Psychology / Abnormal Psychology / Treatments for Abnormality / Psychological Therapies » 603156

Ethical issues in psychotherapy

What are the most common ethical issues and/or dilemmas are part of your anticipated (or current) profession, e.g., health, education, law, business, etc.?

Psychology / Positive Psychology » 613808

Hypnosis script to induce relaxation

Are you feeling tense? Any anxiety? Do you simply want to be able to relax? This positing will cover a word by word script that a hypnotist or trained therapist can use to help their clients feel very comfortable, relaxed, and both physically and mentally at rest.

Psychology / Positive Psychology » 623308
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