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Dec 2004
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  • MSc, Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Romania, 1979
  • PhD, Polytechnical University of Bucharest, Romania, 1996


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Calculating the Second Moment of Area

It is necessary to design a square-section composite bar that will withstand an applied load without deflecting more than a specified amount.The design specification for the bar, including its dimensions and loading criteria, is given below.

Using the formula below, calculate the second moment of READ MORE »

Engineering / Mechanical Engineering » 36561

static engineering systems for stress and bending moments

As per attachement.
includes; maximum bending moment
maximum stress in a beam
graph sketches for tensil and compressive stresses
dimensions for cross section that minimise stress with given values
percentage reduction of the maximum stresswith new calculated cross section

Engineering / Mechanical Engineering » 487712

What is the power needed to accelerate a flywheel?

Please see the attached file for full problem description.

I need to calculate torque for this question:

A gearbox and flywheel are as shown in FIGURE 4 (attached). The output shaft rotates in the opposite direction to the input shaft at 5 times its speed. The gearbox has an efiiciency of 92 READ MORE »

Engineering / Mechanical Engineering » 594114

Applied Mechanics

A solid shaft 125mm did transmits 600kW at 300 revolutions/minute. It is also subjected to a bending moment of 9kN-m and to an end thrust. If the maximum principal stress is limited to 80MPa, determine the permissible end thrust.

Also, determine the position in which the principal stress acts, an READ MORE »

Physics / Classical Mechanics / Circular Motion / Torques » 31551

Viscous Fluid Flow : Viscous Drag on the Walls of a Pipe

For laminar flow in the entrance of to a pipe, as shown in figure, the entrance is uniform u=U0, and the flow downstream is parabolic in profileu(r)=C(r0^2-r^2). Using integrla relations, show that the viscous drag exerted on the pipe walls between 0 and x is...

Prescribed text book: White, FM, , READ MORE »

Mathematics / Calculus and Analysis / Real Analysis / Integrals » 68256
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