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    Marina Castro

    Sep 2018
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    • BSc, University of Seville, 2016
    • MSc, Universitat de Vic - Universitat Central de Catalunya, 2017


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    ChemBio3D: Building of 3D and 2D structural models of Prozac

    In the first part of this tutorial, we are building the Prozac molecule with and without H+ atoms. We show how to copy high quality images from CHEMBIO3 into a text editor as bitmaps. Then we will identify the stoichiometry of the molecule (the enantiomer we are working with). We will then obtain th READ MORE »

    Chemistry / General Chemistry / Bonding / Structures » 642901

    UCSC Genome Browser Exercises (tutorial with screenshots)

    The Solution includes a selection of solved exercises with captions step by step to illustrate several applications of the UCSC Genome Browser and depending tools, such as BLAT, including a study case over human NR4A2 gene:

    1.Locate the gene in the human genome
    2. Hide all tracks and display the READ MORE »

    Computer Science / Data / Data Analysis / Genetic Approximation » 644075

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