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Oct 2014
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  • MBA, Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, 2008
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Capital Budgeting and Sensitivity Analysis Paper

In this assignment, Bigtime Conglomerate is making a decision to acquire BG Enterprises. The learner will review and modify, as necessary, the model for the Capital Budget and perform two sensitivity analyses of the data. The learner will write a paper that summarizes the changes in the mo READ MORE »

Business / Finance / Capital Budgeting » 593802

Numerical Example of Statistical Process Control

One of the stages in the process of making denim cloth at the Southern Mills Company is to spin cotton yarn onto spindles for subsequent use in the weaving process. Occasionally the yarn breaks during the spinning process, and an operator ties it back together. Some number of breaks is considered no READ MORE »

Business / Business Management / Project Management » 596717

Types of Regression analyses: Bivariate Regression

Regression analysis is a powerful and commonly used tool in business research. One important step in regression is to determine the dependent and independent variable(s).

In a bivariate regression, which variable is the dependent variable and which one is the independent variable?

What does th READ MORE »

Business / Business Management » 591607

Frequency Distribution with Skewed Data

1. Identify three uses for a frequency distribution. Please provide realistic health related examples.

2. Briefly identify the differences between a normal, positive and negative skew. How does this skew or distribution curve relate to standard error? What does the standard error mean for the res READ MORE »

Statistics / Descriptive Statistics » 599385

Numerical example of payoffs using the principles of Game Theory

Two bookstores are competing for customers. Both bookstores can decide to offer discounts to attract more customers. Bookstore-A has a 30% probability of offering a discount. The probability that Bookstore-B will offer a discount is unknown, and is represented by P. The payoffs for the bookstores de READ MORE »

Business / Accounting / Management Accounting / Standard Costing, Cost Control, and Measuring Performance » 593541
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