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Jun 2004
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Cash flow

Lawerence Sports needs to improve its cash flow which may lead to delaying payment to a small vendor, Murray, who is very dependent on Lawrence Sports. How does Lawrence Sports balance the ethical issue of possibly putting Murray out of business with its need to improve its own cash flow?

Business / Accounting / Financial Accounting & Bookkeeping / The Financial Statements / Statement of Cash Flows » 25958

Blair Water Purifiers India

Case analysis of the Blair Water Purifiers India Case.


"Strategic Marketing Problems" 10th ed
Roger A. Klein - Robert Peterson
Page 645

Business / Marketing / The Marketing Mix (4 P's) » 26317

Strategic Planning for a Business

Please help answer the following questions.

What are the basic pieces of information that you would need to include in defining your business to another person who is not in your company, organization, or group? Why is it important to define this as you begin to develop a new strategy? Why shoul READ MORE »

Business / Strategy and Business Analysis / Strategic Planning » 163193

Question about Ethical culture

What is a business's obligation to build an ethical culture and balance its desire for profit with ethical responsibilities to employees, customers, society, and the environment?

Business / Business Philosophy and Ethics / Business Ethics » 294191
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