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    Standards of Practice & Spiritual Care in Nursing

    Find the professional standards of practice for your field. Do they address spiritual care? If so, how? If not, how would you address the need for spiritual care in your field?

    Health Sciences / Health Care Disciplines / Nursing / Spirituality in Nursing » 512725

    Diet modifications for celiac disease case study

    Case Study "Teenager With Celiac Disease

    Part A:

    Read Janie's case study and then complete the following tasks:

    Write a nutrition action plan for Janie on coping with Celiac disease. What are the things that Janie will need to be careful about as she goes about her regular life? Try to dete READ MORE »

    Health Sciences / Topics in Health and Wellness / Nutrition Science » 393669

    Mutation and DNA Extraction

    DNA & RNA

    Procedure 1:

    10.In "C" we mutated one letter. What role do you think the redundancy of the genetic code plays, in light of this change?

    11.Based on your observations, why do you suppose the mutations we made in "D" and "E" are called frame shift mutations.

    12.Which mutations do READ MORE »

    Biology / Genetics / Gene Formation / DNA Basics / Mutation » 536292

    Lucian Leape

    Examine Lucian Leape, his impact on patient safety, and how the Institute of Medicine's report, To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System was his motivation and impetus for change.

    Health Sciences / Health Care Management » 470568
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