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    Linda Dikejioha

    Feb 2011
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    • Bachelors Degree , Studium Theologicum Jerosolymitanum, 2001
    • Masters Degree, Studium Biblicum Franciscanum, 2005
    • PhD, Pontifical Gregorian University, 2016


    • Religious Studies
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    • Philosophy

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    Why is it important to review the relevant literature before identifying a research problem? What mistakes can be avoided by a thorough literature review?

    Without the basic moment of relevant literature, the foundation of a research will always be lacking. It consists in a thorough and critical look on existing materials which helps you to know where and how to situate your research. Since a prior review of relevant literature is very important, on wh READ MORE »

    Philosophy / Scientific Inquiry » 386277

    How can Jesus genealogy be understood? The New Testament presents Jesus as the promised Messiah and use Old Testaments quotations to support that. How can such quotations be explained?

    1. Describe the significance of the genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew's

    2. What does Jesus teach about in His Olivet Discourse and what does He state concerning His return in His Second Advent? (Matthew 24-25)

    3. What is the Great Commission Jesus charged His disciples to READ MORE »

    Religious Studies / Abrahamic Religions / Christianity » 454113
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