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    Contract Dispute: Can this contract by rescinded?

    You are the manager of a large data processing project. Your company, Systems Inc., worked very hard to obtain a contract with Big Bank to do their conversions from their recent acquisition, Small Bank. The bank met with several companies to discuss who would do the best work on the contract. During READ MORE »

    Business / Business Law » 414714

    An artifact which displays our current culture

    Artifacts of our own cultures surround us. From art and music to architecture and literature, from philosophy and religion to laws and economics, we live among cultural artifacts that have deep roots.

    Select the single cultural artifact that you believe best represents the culture in which you li READ MORE »

    History » 419616

    Irregularities to Look for in Cash and Payroll

    What irregularities should a fraud examiner look for in areas within a firm where physical cash is used?

    What irregularities should a fraud examiner look for in the payroll function within a firm?

    Business / Accounting » 421745

    For well known corporation, discuss the CEO's leadership qualities

    View well-known corporations. Research one of the companies.
    Discuss the chief executive officer's (CEO) leadership qualities.
    Answer the following questions:

    -Discuss 3 factors or characteristics that you think makes this individual (the CEO) an effective leader.
    -Discuss 3 factors or charac READ MORE »

    Business / Business Management / Leadership Skills » 417279

    Risk Averse Situation: Investing in an Economy

    Consider the following two, completely separate, economies. The expected return and volatility of all stocks in both economies is the same.

    In the first economy, all stocks move together in good times all prices rise together and in bad times they all fall together.

    In the second economy, READ MORE »

    Business / Finance » 334971
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